Decorative Crystal Ice Bucket


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Decorative Crystal Ice Bucket

Have you ever seen a crystal ice bucket like this one here?

Now a days it’s getting harder and harder to find unique gift ideas.  We are working every day creating something different when it comes to gifts.  Glass etching and carving gives us the ability to do just that.

This decorative crystal ice bucket is a good example of a creative gift.  We created a grape pattern, then we carved it into and out of this Crystal Ice Bucket.  The leaves are cut out of the top rim of the bucket.  You just can’t find this anywhere else.

We used all three etching techniques plus one other which we perfected.  The design is etched, carved, shaded and cut out of and into the ice bucket.  Not many glass etchers can execute the shading technique.  We love this technique because of it creates an artistic look to the etching.  And even fewer etchers utilize the cutting technique, which is the technique we used when we cut the leaf profile out of the top rim of the ice bucket.

This piece is perfect as a Wedding or Anniversary Gift.

This ice bucket is also perfect for the man or women who has everything.  I can assure you, they don’t have anything like this.

Note:  the Jane Seymour Crystal Ice Bucket has been discontinued, so after the last few we have are sold, we will be doing this design on another ice bucket.

Other areas where we’ve been focusing on creating unique gifts are our unique wine glasses and our decorative glass bowls.

If you want, we can create you a custom design and etch it on most any glass, vase, bowl we carry.  So don’t hesitate to inquire about getting a custom gift created for you.  We can also do the same thing for a different ice bucket if you like.

Height 9”

Weight 0.00 lbs