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What is your guarantee?
When you receive the gift(s), you're not stuck with them if you don't like them. We have a pretty simple guarantee. If for any reason you're not happy with the quality of the glass or our craftsmanship, just send them back and we will either refund your entire purchase or redo the piece(s). We do this because we know it can be scary doing business with someone online that you're not familiar with. We remove all the risk. By now I hope you get the message that we don’t think creating these items only come from us. They take the collaboration between you and us. We hope you choose to work with us. And you know in your heart that you played a large role in the creation of your gift. This gives you a great deal of satisfaction knowing that the gift you are giving really did come from the heart. And that’s the best kind of gift. If you want to make the event memorable, please contact us. I assure you they will cherish what we create with you and they will simply be surprised. And if you plan a little ahead of time, we can assure you will get your piece on time.

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